Welcome to the website of John Broadley Heritage Services. I am a heritage professional based in Mudgee with interests in the history, architecture and gardens of the Central West region of New South Wales


Upcoming Events

Saturday, 14th March 2015

Penrith: 200 years. I will be delivering a Powerpoint lecture pertinent to the history of both the Penrith and Mudgee districts at a conference in Penrith. The lecture will be on George Henry Cox, MLA and MLC, squire of Winbourn(e) at Mulgoa and of Burrundulla at Mudgee. George Henry Cox was a member of a prominent pioneer pastoral family who settled at Mulgoa in the early 1800s before venturing west of the Blue Mountains to the lush pastures of Mudgee's Cudgegong Valley. George Henry was an intelligent and energetic man who played leading roles in the history of New South Wales in social, governmental and religious spheres, yet his influence has barely been recognised.

Friday, 10th April 2015

Lecture on The Empress Josephine to ADFAS Mudgee, at Cudgegong Valley Public School Hall, at 6.30pm. Enquiries 02.6372 3365. Josephine was the "first lady" of Europe from 1799 to 1809, as the wife of First Consul Bonaparte and later the Emperor Napoleon. After her divorce in 1809 she kept her title of Empress and through her children she has become ancestress of many European royal families. Living through tumultuous times, she narrowly escaped the guillotine, and is remembered as a sympathetic and kind character. Although noted for her extravagance, she was also a generous soul and patron of the arts, as well as a keen gardener. Discover this enchanting woman.

Friday, 17th April 2015

RAHS conference in Mudgee. 2014 was the centenary of the outbreak of WWI, precipitated by the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his beloved wife Duchess Sophie of Hohenberg in Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina). Few people would be aware that Franz Ferdinand actually visited New South Wales briefly in 1893 as part of a world-wide tour. I will be delivering a Powerpoint presentation, The Archuke Franz Ferdinand in Australia, which will look not only at Franz Ferdinand's family background and eventful subsequent life after his Australian visit, but which will naturally focus on his visit to the Central West of New South Wales (to Narromine and Nyngan, not that far from Mudgee, where he went on a hunting expedition). The audience will find that the much-maligned Franz Ferdinand was far from the austere bloodthirsty autocrat of his oft-presented persona. Enchanted by Australia and Australians, he was an intelligent observer, as his detailed diaries clearly indicate, who regretted that his Australian visit had been so brief. A look at his close and loving relationship with his wife and children will equally reveal an altogether different man. One does wonder what would have happened if the aged Emperor Franz Josef had not lived so long. Would WWI have happened if Franz Ferdinand had become Emperor? One of the great "what ifs" of history!


A keen photographer I have taken 10,000s of photographs of historic buildings and gardens in the Mudgee district, in Sydney, and throughout New South Wales. I am happy to share these photographs and from time to time I will add interesting photographs in Archives

Putta Bucca garden

Scaled Drawings

 A great admirer of colonial building and carpentry, I have produced hundreds of scaled drawings of buildings, and of joinery in particular: doors, windows, verandah posts, shutters and stairs. From time to time I will post interesting scaled drawings in Archives