Welcome to the website of John Broadley Heritage Services. I am a heritage professional based in Mudgee with interests in the history, architecture and gardens of colonial New South Wales. I have constructed a series of lectures on these topics which can be viewed under the heading 'Tours and Lectures' on this website. I also have a specialised interest in French architecture and art and am in the process of developing a series of French-themed lectures.


Recent Events

Trip to Europe

I am in the midst of arranging a trip to Europe, leaving mid August 2016, for 2.5 months. During my trip I plan to visit Berlin, Hamburg, Prague, Vienna, Salzburg. Munich, Regensburg. Stuttgart and Reims, then spend 6 weeks in Paris. During my time away I will be taking photographs for several lectures which I am constructing on European-based and Australian-linked lectures.

Senior Citizens' Week 2016

At a lunch on Wednesday 6th 2016 at Club Mudgee it was announced that I was the Senior Citizen of The Year for Mudgee for my contributions to the Mudgee Historical Society and the production of my book Historic Houses of Mudgee. This award was an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

Australia Day 2016

On Australia Day 2016 I was one of three candidates for the Mid-Western Regional Council Australia Day Arts Award. The awardee was a group from Rylstone. Each nominee received a certificate.

ADFAS Australian Lecturers List

In September 2015, at the September Council meeting of the Association of ADFAS (Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Societies) it was announced that I have been placed on the Australian Lecturers List. This is a great honour and I look forward to presenting my range of lectures, with both Australian and international flavours (see Tours & Lectures). I have been a committee member of ADFAS Mudgee since its foundation and have served as Secretary, Membership Secretary, Vice-Chairman and Chairman of that branch.


A keen photographer I have taken 10,000s of photographs of historic buildings and gardens in the Mudgee district, in Sydney, and throughout New South Wales. I am happy to share these photographs and from time to time I will add interesting photographs in Archives

Putta Bucca garden

Scaled Drawings

A great admirer of colonial building and carpentry, I have produced hundreds of scaled drawings of buildings, and of joinery in particular: doors, windows, verandah posts, shutters and stairs. From time to time I will post interesting scaled drawings in Archives